Dual Purpose Furniture

by Joshua Lavelle

Consumers today are savior than ever when it comes to shopping. They are far more interested in pieces that will not only look pretty but serve alternative purposes. Dual purpose pieces help maximize available space in a home and also get twice the use because of functionality.

Below are some of our most popular duel pieces.

Our Franzea Console Cabinet - £857.50 which not only is a beautiful piece with its geometric patterns and mirrored doors and top, it also is ideal for storing; wifi boxes, stereos and TV equipment. This piece has holes drilled in the back so you will never have to see those messy cables again.

The Jillian Wall Decor - £469.95 is perfect for those who are looking to add some art to a dark room. This isn’t just any ordinary mirror it is also wall décor. So not only will it add visual interest to a room, it’s mirrored so it will allow light to bounce around. Pair two of these side by side and you have a show stopping feature in your home.

The Willow Tray Table - £114.95 is the perfect addition to any home, this piece is primarily used as a side table however it serves two purposes, the tray is removable and the legs fold together making it a must have. As the tray is removable the tray can be used all year round on a dining or coffee table to display your favourite ornamental pieces, photo frames, flowers and more. Simply place the tray back on the stand and you have the perfect side table for guests to place their drinks.

Biarritz Storage Bench - £459.95, this piece is from our new collection.

At first glance it appears to be a luxurious deep button bench, finished in a light grey and beige fabric, however this bench has a hidden secret. The top of this bench lifts up and is ideal for storing those extra cushions, toys, throws or even the Christmas decorations making this piece ideal for those with limited storage.

The Mirror Top Nest of Tables- Set of 3 - £167.50 are the perfect duel pieces.
Due back in stock the end of March are now available to order. These Set of 3 tables stack on top of each other so when not in use they can be stored away easily. A simple circular frame with a distressed gold finish and mirrored top creates a beautifully subdued look that would sit well in any setting. These tables are great for those looking to get more for their money as they are extremely versatile and can be placed together or separated between rooms in your home.

Be sure to order your Duel Purpose Pieces today.